What Is Data Audit?


Data audit is the method of ensuring that the data are properly handled. It involves analyzing the data sets’ source, creation, and format to determine their utility and value. Numerous institutions and organizations promote and implement protocols for data audit, such as funding agencies, academics and scientific publications.

In a business setting it is normal for employees or departments to have silos of relevant data. Sales may possess a database with crucial contact information for customers, IT may store website performance and security metrics, while marketing may use click-through data to create digital marketing campaigns.

A CX data audit is essential to find this data and bring it together to aid in decision-making. It ensures that all systems are equipped with the most recent data, and reduces the chance of costly errors and breaches that can damage the brand’s reputation and cause financial losses.

To conduct a thorough CX audit, you must first determine and classify your personal identifiable information. This can be accomplished by using a combination of automated software tools to find the PII that your company has, and where it’s stored. It can be tagged automatically to classify it which makes it easier to manage and manage.

It is also possible to design an order-of-business process to ensure that only the best-qualified personnel are handling sensitive data to reduce risk and ensure that best practices are consistently applied. This is commonly described as’seeding which is a viable method to improve security of data while maintaining agility across the organization.

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