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CAS was formed to fill a gap in the market for experienced Specialist Claims and Contract Administration Consultants with unparalleled in-depth knowledge and understanding of MEP and Special / Technology Systems

Our team of professionals provides clients with a blueprint for successful Extension of Time Time Claims and Contract Administration.

Specialist services to MEP & Technology Subcontractors over the full lifespan of projects – from bid to handover with offices in multiple worldwide locations.

We understand the requirements and risks of projects and the need for experienced contract administration and schedule control throughout the duration of a development.

CAS has the in-house resources to offer a turnkey seamless service for claims and dispute resolution which avoids abortive and duplicated work which can result from multi-party consultants.

CAS has a wealth of experience helping specialists in the MEP and Special / Technology Systems sector produce claims and defend against claims from downline subcontractors

CAS consultants have extensive experience producing Extension of Time Time Claims and Contract Administration and defending against claims & back-charges from clients.

CAS has a proven track record of assisting specialist companies in the construction sector such as MEP Subcontractor’s and Technology companies with contract reviews, contract advice on specific issues, contractual correspondence, as well as delay and disruption claims for loss & expense.

Our expert consultants have an in-depth knowledge of your business including residential, offices, high rise, hotels, hospitals Data Centers, Air & Sea Ports and major infrastructure projects.

We have a wealth of experience helping specialist companies in the MEP & Technology construction sector to protect their commercial & contractual interests against clients that want to claim delays against them and also defend against contractual issues including cost & penalty claims for liquidated damages.

Our Consultants

Our Consultants all have a proven track record in their own discipline and are true experts in Contract Administration and Claims preparation and settlement.

CAS International Formed by Claims Experts

CAS International was formed in the United Kingdom in 2004 and has operated over numerous sectors and regions of the world since its inception. CAS was formed to offer outsourced Claims Experts to the MEP and Special Systems Construction Section and with the target to operate over numerous sectors and regions of the world.

CAS provides unrivaled highly responsive multi-disciplinary services to MEP and Specialist Contractors, supporting them in the delivery of technically complex and challenging projects on time and to budget, while protecting their contractual interests.