How to Write a Board Meeting Schedule

An agenda for a board meeting is a written document that lists the topics that a board should be focussing on. The agenda for board meetings should contain the date and time of the meeting as well as the location. It should also contain a brief description of each topic in order to aid attendees in planning.

Board members tend to be busy people and need ample notice of meetings to be prepared to plan their agendas and prepare properly. Experts recommend that you give yourself a minimum of 5 to 7 days for adequate preparation of board materials, including the agenda as well as other documents required.

The first item on the agenda for board meetings is usually an overview of the progress made since the last meeting, including milestones and key achievements as well as missed targets and other issues that might require further investigation. This is also an opportunity for the executive director to give a review of the business outlook including positive and negative trends.

Following the summary of the progress and any items that require the vote will be called for. These are typically resolutions that require a formal resolution from the board. These resolutions could potentially be implemented as new policies.

The next item on the agenda for the board meeting is likely to be the review of the meeting minutes and any action items that were agreed on at the previous meeting. It is imperative that all action items are recorded and implemented in a manner that they are documented.


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