Register Your Account

Register your details to start using the platform and securely login to your account to post a Job describing the project, upload documents and select the service needed.

  • Register your details & create an account with CAS: Register online and login to your own secure Client account.
  • Choose the services you want to use: Choose the services you want to use from a list of contract review, contract administration & construction extension of time claims services.
  • Securely upload documents & tasks: Upload your documents / tasks to administrator through the secured panel.

Buy Your Credits Secure

Purchase your credits to the wallet using secured payment gateway. Credits will be charged only on the services usage.

  • Choose your credits: CAS has a wide range of credit limit options for our clients and you pay only for what you choose.
  • Keep Credits under your Wallet: CAS does not have any credit expiry and the credits you purchase will be available for you to use any time.
  • Pay Only for what you Choose: Credits will be reduced only for the services you choose and no hidden charges or revised charges later.

Post a Job

Post your job describing the project in brief and choose the relevant service you want us to serve.

  • Send files: Upload any documents you require us to go through and validate.
  • Share feedback in real time: Use CAS Messages to communicate via text, chat, or video.
  • Client continuation: CAS will always try and keep you working with the same clients to ensure continuity and assist you to become familiar with your own client base needs and requirements.

Get your Result

Once the administrator has posted you the result get it downloaded and verify the result. For any further clarification on the result use the message service to communicate with the admin.

  • Get your result: Once the result is posted you are notified.
  • Validate your Result: Validate the result you have received and ensure it meets your requirement.
  • Use Message: Use the messaging system to communicate with the administrator for any further calrifications.