Why CAS?

Get your construction contract reviewed and a detailed report produced indicating the changes to standard forms of contract such as FIDIC with a clear risk rating so that your business can evaluate and consider the risks before signing. Our specialist teal of construction lawyers and international contracts experts can also provide your business with definitions and clear explanations of any contract clauses and contractual procedures to ensure your project team effectively administers the contract. If required our contract lawyers and experts can provide specific amendments to contract clauses to ensure your commercial and contractual best interests are protected.

Stage 1

After completing the company registration process any authorized user can upload your contracts for projects that you want CAS to review. In addition to contracts any other related documents including contract amendments and appendices can also be uploaded for our expert consultant to review. You will need to post a project and request a contract review to start the contact review process.

Stage 2

The contract review required will be produced in accordance with your specific instructions and the expert consultant reviewing your contract will be in communication with you during the entire process to ensure your requirements are fully met. The CAS consultant reviewing your contract will be an expert in all types of construction contracts including FIDIC contracts and other forms of contracts and agreements. In addition to carrying out a comprehensive review of your contract including proving comments on contract risks and special conditions of contact, the CAS consultant can also give advice and recommendations on amendments to contract clause for final contract negotiations.

Stage 3

When the contract review and any other services requested are complete, our CAS consultant will upload your contract review using CAS own bespoke contract review template and this contract review will be available in your client account area of CAS website to download in the format of your choice.


British industry professionals and with proven skills will provide expert consultancy services


Why employ costly staff when you can outsource for a fraction of the cost


Save on Constant fees & Stop using expensive full-time Consultants that are not fully productive


Only pay for the work that is done. Why pay to fill seats in your office