Contract Administration Strategy

Our expert quantity surveyors based on their extensive experience in your particular industry sector will formulate a customized Contract Administration Strategy for your individual projects. The strategy will be governed by the contract requirements, project constraints and your own business requirements. CAS International can provide a full contract administration service or a tailored service with all work carried out remotely to save on full time consultancy costs for your project.

CAS has a proven track record of working closely with MEP & Technology Subcontractors to ensure they get the very best results possible from extension of time claims and claims defense.

Contractual Correspondence

For many of our international clients English is not their first language and as letters of a contractual nature and contractual notices may be open to misinterpretation or may not adequately convey message required, it is important that certain and particularly extension of time claims, delay event notices. important letters are written to an exemplary standard of English and with a clear knowledge of contractual language and terms. As English is the mother tongue of all our expert consultants and they are highly qualified in all types of international contracts, contract law and contract procedures, CAS International is best placed to offer clients that are in the MEP and Technology sectors with a contractual letter writing service that cannot be matched by other firms. This type of contractual letter usually required by our clients includes letters of termination to clients and subcontractor or vendors, response letters to clients contractual notices or demands, letters related to disputes involving clients or your subcontractors or vendors and other letters of an important nature that require perfect legal or contractual English and grammar.

Contractual Notices And Trackers

CAS International consultants have a vast experience in conducting regular day to day contract administration duties which ensure your companies contractual and commercial interests are always protected. This contract administration services includes issuing contractual delay Notices required as the foundation for building entitlement for extension of time claims & updates as per the contract requirements, issuing late payment notices and other reminders to both Employers and down-line vendors to maintain cash flow and good contractual and commercial housekeeping. It is also critical that MEP Subcontractors and Technology Subcontractors have extension of time claims produced which can rely on delay event notices that just & substantiation the specialist subcontractors entitlement to time and costs under the contract. Our consultants will also develop Contract Procedure Tracker schedules for your own in-house personnel to utilize and to ensure contract administration procedures for followed.