Part 1

We will start the claims process for an Extension of Time claim with an initial fact finding session with you. This can be done either before or after you provide us with all the documents relevant to the claim. At this session we will get a better understanding of the events that have delayed the completion of your project and give you advice on the claim strategy.

Part 2

After reviewing all the documents relevant to the claim including but not limited to the contract, contract correspondence, minutes of meetings, delay notices issued, progress reports, the project baseline program and any updates, we will commence producing the list of primary (dominant) and secondary delay events that all impact the critical path of the project program. These events will be reviewed with you and agreed to be included in the Extension of Time Claim. Based on this events and the type of analysis method agreed, the delay analysis will commence. In parallel with the delay analysis the narrative descriptions of the individual delay events will be produced and strengthened with documentary and contemporaneous supporting evidence. Also basis of entitlement under the contract will be prepared with reference to any governing law as required.

Part 3

The final part of the Extension of Time claim preparation is the quantum or additional costs section. This part of the claim will consider the number of compensable days and will calculate all your costs that are recoverable under the contract including but not limited too time related costs, finance changes, head office overheads, disruption and acceleration costs and any of your on subcontractor’s claims. After the Extension of Time claim is completed will prepare a set of claim presentation slides and brief you on the entire composition of the claim. We can also prepare a set of claim presentation slides for you to brief your client on the main points and events of your claim.