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  • Register your details & create an account with CAS: Register online and login to your own secure Consultants account.
  • Choose the services you want to provide: Choose the services you want to provide from a list of contract review, contract administration & construction extension of time claims services.
  • Securely upload completed assignments & documents: Upload your completed work including draft letters, contract reviews and claims related documents to your secure consultant account.

We Pay for Talent

Share a business environment with top British talent from the legal, quantity surveying, contract & claims management sectors.

  • Wide variety and high pay: CAS has a wide range of challenging international projects with stimulating assignments from quick jobs to more extensive services.
  • Let us find you work: Why expend valuable time promoting your business and developing a client base. Leave it to CAS to provide you with a steady flow of contract & construction claims work that suits your skills and experience.
  • Do substantial work with top clients: CAS makes it easy to connect with clients and begin doing rewarding and motivating work related to contracts and claims management. Learn how.

Work Efficiently

Work effectively and efficiently throughout the entire timeline of each project with our online work space shared by you and the Clients team.

  • Send and receive files: Deliver and receive documents in a secure environment.
  • Share feedback in real time: Use CAS Messages to communicate via text, chat, or video.
  • Final project submission: Upload your finished work to your CAS account when completed & approved.
  • Client continuation: CAS will always try and keep you working with the same clients to ensure continuity and assist you to become familiar with your own client base needs and requirements.

Get Paid on Time

CAS guarantee you get paid on time with no delays based strictly on our fair payment terms structure to ensure you can work trouble free.

  • All invoices and payments are managed through your CAS account: Count on a simple and streamlined process.
  • Fixed-price, milestone and retainer payments: Invoice CAS for fixed-price jobs, set milestones or retainer services fees and funds are released as per agreed payment terms.
  • Multiple payment options: Choose a payment method that works best for you, from direct deposit or PayPal to wire transfer and more.